College Street Streetscape Improvements From Havelock to Shaw

Contract #:16ECS-TI-11SP
Expected Start Date:  June 27, 2016
Original End Date:  November 30, 2016
NEW End Date: October 8, 2016

The streetscape improvement work on College Street has stopped as of October 6, 2016. Working with its legal department and local Councillors, the City of Toronto issued a Notice of Termination to the contractor this is following a notice of default that was issued to the contractor in late-September for failing to abide by the contract agreement with the City.

A different contractor for the City of Toronto is addressing the safety of College Street so that work will be completed in time to remove most of the fencing, resume on-street parking and TTC streetcar service.  The City of Toronto will work with the BIA to re-schedule and deliver the remaining work.

We know this project has affected the businesses and residents along College Street. We sympathize and appreciate your patience with the dust, noise, fencing, ramps and other inconveniences you’ve experienced during construction and we are committed to delivering future work in a manner that better reflects the needs of the community.

What to Expect

  • The original contractor will have removed their items from the site.
  • A subcontractor of the City of Toronto will ensure deficiencies are temporarily restored safely (this may include installing different fencing and using asphalt or other materials to restore excavated areas until the final work can resume in 2017).
 parking On-street parking on College Street will resume.
 TTC [Converted] TTC Streetcar Service will resume on College Street on October 9, 2016


 garbage-2 Garbage & Recycling: Regular garbage collection on the north side of College Street will resume on Thursday, October 13. Please return to the regular bin / bag pick up process you used before construction.
 trees-2 NEW Trees: As part of this project, new trees were planted on the north side of the street. The temporary restoration, does not include the final tree protection guards. Please refrain from locking bikes or other items to these new trees in order to help them take root.
 truck-2 Deliveries: Businesses can resume their regular delivery schedule / activity.
 open-sign College Promenade BIA Businesses, have been open throughout construction, but welcome all from the community to dine, shop and play!
 meeting Meetings / Next Steps:

City of Toronto staff will meet with the College Promenade BIA executive in the coming weeks and the full membership in early November to finalize the work needed in 2017.The City of Toronto will host a Public Information Centre in early 2017 before work starts.







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One Response to College Street Streetscape Improvements From Havelock to Shaw

  1. H.T. says:

    So sorry that the businesses on this strip have to go through this, first this year and then again next year. What is the city doing for them? Has a temporary rebate in property taxes been considered?


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