September Construction Update

September College St Construction Update #4

The streetscaping work on College Street continues to progress, however work on the north side will now reach substantial completion by September 30 (update #3 stated mid-September). Six-foot fencing has been removed between Havelock to Dovercourt, with some protection measures around the tree pits being used until final pit components are delivered for installation.

The City’s contractor is also completing work between Ossington and Shaw.

 Fencing is needed to provide a safe area between pedestrians and the crews completing the work.This work will be completed in stages moving along the street. The work limits and use of fencing to restrict access may cause inconveniences of 3-7 hours per day for 4 days on the north side of College Street. The contractor will notify you in advance of them being in front of your address.

The work involves:

  • completing the excavation of the sidewalk,
  • installing granular and leveling the area
  • installing concrete forms
  • pouring concrete

Notices will be posted at City of Toronto ECS Ward site by AM of Sept 16th

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One Response to September Construction Update

  1. College St resident says:

    Fencing is still up between havelock and dovercourt by the way.


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