STARTING TODAY TTC Intersection Reconstruction at College Street and Lansdowne Avenue.

Today July 25th, The City of Toronto will start construction work on replacing the streetcar tracks at the intersection of College and Lansdowne.To accommodate this work the intersection will be completely closed from today Monday July 25th to Monday August 8th.
The intersection will be reduced to one lane from August 8th to September 2nd.

What To Expect:  The first few days of full intersection closure are the most disruptive and involve breaking and removing concrete within the streetcar track areas.
The breaking will stop at 11:00 p.m.

Pedestrians will have to walk around the work area on sidewalks or walkways provided.

Local businesses will remain open during the construction.

Cyclists must dismount and walk the same sections as pedestrians or use alternate routes provided below. Barrels will be in place to guide cyclists along the detours. Mind the streetcar tracks when entering/exiting College Street.


TTC Service
he following routes will be diverted ( map below)

  • 506/306 Carlton
  • 47 LansdowneVisit for further service details.College - Lansdowne service map - July 25 to Aug 8

Project End Date:
The intersection will reopen with one lane in all directions on August 8, 2016.
All lane restrictions at the intersection will be cleared on September 2, 2016.

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