BIA Streetscape Improvements on College from Shaw St. to Havelock St.

At this time, the sidewalk on the north side of College St. has not been completely removed. Sidewalk removal is complete from Havelock St. to Roxton Rd. Ramps are in place at businesses and traffic on College Street is limited to one lane in each direction. Work will not progress to the south side of College Street until the work on the north side is completed.

  • the contractor has ordered the pavers and the first delivery will take place in early August
  • the hard surface (Base concrete) will be completed on the north side by mid-August
  • the north sidewalk will be fully completed by the end of August; however, some customized items such as tree guards and tree pit drains may be late and installed upon delivery.
  • before the operation shifts to the south side, a notice will be provided, the south side will be completed by mid-October
  • the overall contract will be completed in November.
  • the contractor will try to expedite the parkette works in order not to delay the overall schedule.

*REMINDER: Cycling detour around this project…
Cycling Detours Maps at:
*REMINDER: Garbage & Recycling Pickup During Construction 

As part of the BIA streetscaping on College Street. The City’s contractor is responsible for ensuring garbage, recycling and green bins are picked up according to your regular schedule.
For the duration of construction in front of your property please:
1) Label your bins with the correct address
2) Leave bins for collection on the street by 4:30 p.m. every Thursday afternoon.

The Contractor will move bins to each corner so that waste can be picked up according to schedule. The Contractor will then return bins in front of your address on Friday mornings.
If you missed pick up or leaving your bins out, please contact the inspector on this project, the inspector will then call 311 to arrange for pick up.
Inspector: Danny Bajit, 416-436-8398,  Email:

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